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Specialists in Amazon Web Services

Let us at Evolate secure, optimize, and automate your
AWS Cloud Infrastructure. We provide:


We deliver a Well-Architected Review of your cloud infrastructure, that highlights your potential security issues, improvements and ways to optimize costs.


We provide migration services from anywhere to Amazon Web Services. By using industry-leading best practices, we provide a secure environment and infrastructure for your applications.


Using metrics and logs, we provide continuous and secure monitoring of your applications, and take a proactive approach to ensure the health of your apps and avoid outages.

At Evolate, we use the six pillars of the world-renowned AWS Well-Architected Framework to assess, improve, and optimize the infrastructure for your applications and workloads. With an emphasis on building high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructures, we offer best-in-class cloud-based solutions, from migration to operations and beyond.
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Our Services

Our sole focus is Amazon Web Services and we are specialists in the field. As an AWS Services Partner, we take full advantage of their continuous and exclusive learning opportunities and training tools, and our customers benefit from that cutting-edge experience daily.

What we do

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"Navigating marketing consent data across 20+ markets was like untangling a huge knot for us. Then, our Evolate consultant came along – a rare find of a technical strategist and a doer. Together with our internal team, he played a significant role in crafting the fully AWS-powered solution that has helped us save a lot of time and worry."
”Evolate has been essential in realizing our more broad stroke cost optimizations in our AWS organization. They've been very self sufficient, and is very professional in both taking initiative and input when needed. They get my strongest recommendation!”
Martin Norum, Head of Engineering Services at Kambi
“They are very skilled within AWS and can help with all aspects of AWS hosting. They are also very pleasant to work with and always provide good advice.”
Maria Hall, CTO at Eletive
"We have hired one of the consultants from Evolate and he was nothing but awesome! Really easy to work with, highly skilled but humble in the same time. On his second day in the company, he started contributing a lot. Evolate's founder Lars is having a monthly sync with me to see if all is going well, if there is something to improve or if he can help with anything. This shows that they really care."
"We have been working with Evolate since we hired one of their DevOps consultants; he did fantastic work! With high skill and long experience within AWS, we have received a fantastic partner that is polite and humble and has always supported our team and the company from day one. The quality of the work has been great, and we look forward to continuing working with Evolate for a longtime partnership."
Adrian Andersson, Founder & CEO of Meitner AB
"Very knowledgeable consultant that gives great advice. We really feel that Lars has raised the level within the team and that our migration from Aptible into AWS is in safe hands."
CTO at Joint Academy

About Us

Founded in 2021 by industry veterans, Evolate started assembling a unique team of experienced Amazon Web Services, cloud consulting, and IT specialists with a drive and desire to become the world leader in AWS competence.
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Today, Evolate is a dedicated AWS Advanced Tier Services and Well-Architected Partner, exclusively serving Nordic startups and enterprises. Focused solely on AWS, Evolate ensures optimal, secure, and automated AWS Cloud Infrastructures, from seamless migrations and robust AI/ML strategies to comprehensive CloudOps Solutions.
Supporting the Evolate team is the Redeploy Group, Nordic's most distinguished Cloud Group. This powerful alliance caters to customers' every need throughout their journey in the cloud, delivering comprehensive solutions for AWS, Azure, data-driven tools, and all AI-related requirements.

We're inviting talents from around the globe to join us. Are you ready to be part of this journey?

Rising Star Partner of the Year

Evolate has received the 'Rising Star Partner of the Year' award for the Nordics from Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of the annual AWS Partner Awards. This award highlights Evolate's significant growth and commitment to aiding Nordic startups and businesses on AWS – notably marked by partnerships with Nordic leaders like Meitner AB, Kambi, and Borggårds Bruk.
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Our assessments can help you secure and optimize your infrastructure. Let us show you how.
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